Chess Game:Omega Canyon and Beyond is an exciting action adventure/science fiction story, based on the characters of the game, Chess.

   Five soldiers of a planet-wide war, waged on a remote desert sphere that oozes a poisonous gas from the ground, are accidentally transported back-in-time to the source of the contamination. That place: The Pacific Ocean, World War II, 1945, Earth.

   After being dropped into completely foreign surroundings, each warrior - Bishop Avery, Knight Hage, Rook Guntry and two pawnsmen who are not who they seem - are forced to deal with a whole new enemy. Armed with new-found independence and mysterious abilities they are only beginning to discover, abilities somehow tied to the contamination itself, the biggest threat to their unit might just be each other.  

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Jennifer Lang Boehl

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"That's Mine Sissy"

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Author & Playwright

Mommy says sharing is fun, but Jenna thinks it stinks! She doesn't want to share with her twin sister, Jaylin. She wants to play on her own, all by herself. Only after finding out that playing alone is very sad and disappointing does Jenna realize that sharing is fun.