Steven J Taylor is proud to have seen his first stage play

"The Final Interview"

 produced for the 2015 Kicking & Swearing Festival. This season I am happy to announce that

"Beth's Mac"

has been accepted for the 2016 festival. Look for it in February. Check out information about this years festival and more from Fearless Productions by clicking on the button


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The Lockbox

 Sam and Emily Lana were two average teenagers spending their summer vacation dealing with the normal issues that come with adolescence. After their most recent battle, they were both relegated to chores and solitude under the careful watch of their parents.

  As their week dragged on, it seemed as if they were going to succumb to the tedious monotony of daily life. That is until they came into possession of a mysterious silver lockbox, and with it, the shadow of death himself.

  Together they will have their nerve tested as they are chased from their comfortable lives in the small Wyoming town of Shashone Peak by the evil organization ECHO.  

  With their lives in danger and only each other to rely on, will they be able to survive or will they fall victim to the secrets that lie within, The Lockbox.

Author & Playwright